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L&Q Revisores Fiscales Auditores Externos S.A.S., is a Colombian company made up of a professional group from Public Accounting, Lawyers, Economists, Systems Engineers, Industrial Engineers and Business Administrators. Staff fully trained and passionate about people, interested in business growth and collective well-being development, this team was born as a result of the experience obtained over years in international audit firms.

Why our firm could play a significant role in your entity?

L&Q international firm – ''UC&CS AMERICA'' ranked #18 worldwide, with more than 14 years of experience, has managed to ensure the trust of more than 350 public and private companies, thanks to our outstanding management offering a high quality service and confidentiality.

We have an interdisciplinary team composed of accountants and specialists, ready to analyze your needs and provide customized solutions. We have specialized in a range of Audit and tax inspection services, covering the areas of Tax, Internal/external, Financial, Internal Control and Legal Audit. In addition, we offer complementary services such as Tax Advice, Accounting Outsourcing, appraisals, and inventories.

Our dedication to technological innovation, coupled with our focus on collaboration and constant pursuit of excellence, makes us the ideal candidate to fill an important role in your organization. We are committed to mutual success and eager to contribute significantly to the continued growth and achievements of your organization.

We are committed to our clients to provide a service that guarantees transparency and composure.

  • We exercise a proactive approach aimed at preventing and/or reducing errors occurrence that may generate a negative economic impact.
  • We are characterized by our professionals moral and ethical integrity.
  • We provide highly reliable services.
  • We have professionals with necessary experience and training to provide the best service.
  • We carry put adequate control over the business management.

Our rates will show you the best cost/benefit ratio

We have extensive experience in various accounting areas, including External, Financial, Fiscal, Legal and Labor Audit, as well as Accounting Outsourcing services. In areas of strengthening the accounting profession, we have implemented solid regulatory frameworks such as the Transparency and Business Ethics Programs (PTEE) and SAGRILAFT. Likewise, we have appointed Compliance Officers to guarantee rigorous compliance with our ethical standards, in addition to offering training to our clients with the aim of fostering trust and security in their accounting processes.

The cost/benefit ratio is highly favourable, the benefits we offer, such as trust, transparency, regulatory compliance and professional support, far outweigh the associated costs. We are committed to providing a quality service that contributes to the growth and success of the companies that trust in our firm.

We present a high degree of favorability to our clients, by optimizing resource allocation and maximizing potential returns, we are able to provide resource allocation and maximize potential returns, we are able to provide comprehensive portfolios with considerable added value, which portends an outstanding success in the execution of operations.

Productive Sectors

Below is a sectors list in which we have a long history and extensive knowledge.

Real estate
Hydrocarbons and Related
Nonprofit entities
Systems and Communications
Horizontal property
Visas and construction